Capital Lost in Money-bins

We must stop talking about taxes as redistribution of wealth, and start talking about taxes in terms of redistribution of purchasing power [or in the economics term: disposable income].

Or else, the current redistribution of poverty will reach even the largest money bin fortunes, which today make up the greatest threat capitalism has ever faced: smothering the market, innovation, growth, solutions and society at large by keeping money away from the economy, so that they cannot participate as working capital.

The unemployed and uninsured masses can not carry the economy that the few richest demand provides them with relentless and infinite growth of accumulation of fortune

They are not the ventilators that can keep capitalism from suffocating!

Capitalism has too many underlying and pre-existing conditions to survive even absence of pandemic!

Those calling themselves “capitalists”, and calling their money bins “capital”, must become capitalists again. Put those fortunes to work!

Recreate a viable demand — yes, viable — by hiring workers, by paying real living wages, allowing universal healthcare, allowing vacations, and it will pay back through the market, allowing safe and sound and vital progress for the economy and society; Including the investors.

Abandon this medieval, feudalistic privateering spirit now, before the general public has no other option than to redistribute their need and despair.


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