The Emperor’s New Climate


Why do we keep rebuking the little girl’s outcry, telling her to go back to school?

Why do we keep clinging to the words of the imposters who are spinning the emperor’s new climate?

It’s not like we’re stupid or something?

Is it?

Global Stupidification
Those great PR specialists, thinktankers, lobbyists and politicians keep spinning the Emperor’s New Climate, making people afraid of being taken for fools.

One little girl cries out the truth.

Extinction Rebellion Day 1

Powerful people still insist on global foolishness, sternly supported by businesses, think tanks, religious societies and organisations — mainly in social media.

The Fairytale
How come grown people insist on life in a fairytale, while school children are the only ones who realise we are abandoning the reality we are living in?

We want to “Thank God”. We need to thank the children, and strive to comply with the way of life they show us we must lead in order to make salvation and absolution an option in the first place.

Kill Your Darlings
Had I been religious, I’d say the Saviour has returned, and she’s school striking by the millions all over the world each Friday.

And make no mistake: some of her is even your children and grandchildren. Who are we to crucify them. How dare we.

Extinction Rebellion Year 2

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