Rocket Science, Please

It’s Not Exactly Rocket Science, Is It?

Heard it before? What does it mean? You think «but it’s okay», and you leave it be. Big mistake!

It’s not okay! Anything «Not Exactly Rocket Science» is terrible excuses for poor planning, for terribly short sighted planning. Terrible!

Rocket science is mathematics — namely of the kind that makes whatever you send up propelled by rockets, by the carefully calculated initial thrust, perform in mind-boggling details and endless sequence, exactly as intended at preparation of calculation.

All planning should be!

You should never take anything for granted!

Any opening for interpretation is seized by the strongest will and shaped into his egoistic utilisation – you should call it downright dictatorship.

Doesn’t the plan say women should be included? They get excluded!

Does it not say explicitly that no race should be excluded? You get exclusively white only.

Any odd strong ill will makes an «and vice versa» plausible here.

How to protect the project from personal conflicts or other conflicts of interest must be planned ahead.

Any plan Not Exactly Rocket Science is carefully planning for failure. At best it’s wasted efforts on planning not to last.

So, the next time you hear «It’s Not Exactly Rocket Science», tell them it damn right is, and that they can quit right away planning anything they intend being incapable of lifting off!

End of discussion!

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